Friday, February 18, 2011

You want me to give up what?

Do you ever feel that you might never be happy? 
Do you feel that if you could just get that one thing, person, whatever - you’d finally be happy? Well, that’s how I used to feel. Searching back as far as I can remember there was always something I needed and then I’d be happy. First it was my own car. Then if I just had a husband. Then if I could just get pregnant. Then when that didn’t happen - if I could just be single.Then when I was single, oh, I don’t even want to go there. For those of you that don’t know me I married my 1st husband, divorced him, got pregnant with his child and remarried him only to get divorced again.Talk about a roller coaster ride! This is when I truly gave up my way of finding happiness. My way wasn’t working. So, I raised my hands up and said, “Okay Lord, I give up! I know my life is a mess and it’s because of all the stupid (sinful) things I’ve done. I’m gonna do it your way now! Please help me.” Without ever hearing the sinner’s prayer, in short that’s what I prayed. I had always been a church-goer. I had always thought I was a “believer” BUT I was so deceived. I had never given my heart to Him. You see, sitting in church doesn’t make you a Christian, just like sitting in a garage doesn’t make you a car (statemtent of Joyce Meyer's). This means that there is nothing we can do to get to heaven. Good works are not a requirement. No matter how good our works are they are like filthy rags before a Holy God. (Isaiah 64:6)  However, good works are evidence of our faith. (James 2:26) The Bible tells us we are to make Jesus the Lord of our life. (Romans 10:9) So that is when I went from Satan’s roller coaster and strapped onto the Jesus roller coaster (starts out bumpy but after a while it smooths out). Trust me when I tell you this, becoming a Christian was the best thing I ever did - it was also the hardest thing I ever did. What I was learning went against what the world accepts.  That any sex outside of marriage was wrong. Whoa! Wait a minute, Lord. You mean you want me to give up having sex until I’m married again (if of course that is your plan for my life)? “YES! TRUST ME.” Oh boy! A 40 year old “born again” virgin in the time when “Sex and the City” and “Desperate Housewives” are the top t.v. shows. My friends thought I was crazy and quite frankly, at first, so did I. Remembering that things hadn’t gone so well my way, I decided to obey. Have you ever told a 40 something of the opposite sex that you weren’t having sex until you got married? Then having them ask what defines sex (they are totally all like Bill Clinton). Most of them run away. The one I'm married to now did for a short time but fortunately wised up when he realized what a catch I was! :) Do you think it was easy? I can tell you that every part of my being was screaming and throwing a temper tantrum but I still obeyed. I can tell you this, when you do things God’s way and obey - He will bless you! (Read Deuteronomy 28). I have been blessed beyond what I ever could have imagined!  The moral of this story is that the Lord will never ask you to give up something without replacing it with something way better!! So, if you haven't hopped on the Jesus ride yet - what are you waiting for? What don't you want to give up? Please don't wait too long to hop on or you might stay on the Satan ride and never get off!

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